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Let your HP printer work again with the updated HP printer drivers

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HP printer drivers that are damaged or out of date cause havoc when printing documents. Either your printer is not printing, or it spits out a whole lot of gibberish.

Worse, you may have to deal with the notorious pressure spooler error. Fortunately, there are many ways you can upgrade HP printer drivers without too much fanfare.

What about hardware?

Strangely, many printer problems are actually caused by faulty or poorly connected hardware. You must make sure that you have properly connected the printer cables.

Next, open the printer and make sure you have the cartridges installed properly. Sometimes your PC will alert you to certain problems with your printer. A paper jam is an all too common precursor to printer problems.

You can check the status of your printer by opening the Devices and Printers folder in the Start menu. Here you can find specific information about your printer.

Repair the print spooler error

Now, if you see this annoying bug, known as a print spooler, you can really fix it quickly. The print spooler is basically software that stores your upcoming print jobs on your hard drive until they are queued.

Therefore, the problem is solved by simply resetting the print spooler. Here is how:

1. Click “Start”.

2. Click on “Control Panel”.

3. Click on “System and Maintenance”

4. Click on “Administration”

5. Double-click on “Services”. Depending on your access rights, you may need to enter a password here.

6. Right-click the Print Spooler service.

7. Click on “Properties”.

8. Find the General tab and make sure next to Startup Type that you have selected Automatic.

9. If you have not yet started the service, you may need to click “Start” on “Service Status” and then “OK”.

If you follow these steps, the print spooler error is resolved. However, it is possible that the printer is not working or that faulty drivers are the cause of the problem. If that’s the case, you have a few different options.

Various ways to fix HP printer drivers

The first thing you can do is use Windows to find driver updates. You can open Device Manager, find your printer, and right-click on it. Then click on “Update Driver”.

If Windows can find the drivers it needs with its automated system, you may be able to get new drivers this way. But that does not always work.

It’s often quicker to visit the Hewlett Packard website, where you can download drivers from the support section of the website. You must enter the factory and model number of your printer. Make sure you download drivers that are appropriate for your operating system.

You need to know how to manually install drivers when you go this route. You may need to know some complicated techniques, such as extracting .inf files.

The easiest way to update drivers is to use driver update software. The driver update software is designed to check your system for outdated or corrupted drivers, and then replace the old drivers with new drivers. This will basically fix your printer problems for all intensive purposes.

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