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To download a new printer driver

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This article is for beginners or advanced users.

Are you having trouble installing your printer?
Was your printer manually installed when you connected it to your computer?
Can not find the driver CD that came with your printer?
Do you receive error messages when printing?

In such cases, you must download and install the latest printer driver from the printer manufacturer’s Web site. This article contains information about how to find and download the latest printer driver from the printer manufacturer’s Web site and to install the driver on the computer.

You must be logged in to the computer with an administrator account. If you are not sure, just check if you know the name and password of an administrator account on the computer. If the answer is no, this article can not help you.
First, you must also know the following information:

You enter the Windows XP platform on your computer. The platform type may be listed as 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64).
The make and model of the printer to be connected.

Now you can search for the required printer driver. You will get links to the websites of some popular printer manufacturers. However, you have to keep in mind that each manufacturer’s website has a different layout. Therefore, we can give you general steps to find and download the latest printer driver for your computer.

When you visit your printer manufacturer’s website, you will generally find:

the area Downloads or Drivers;
Your printer brand and model department;
Your Windows XP platform type;
the latest driver selection

Next, read the instructions for downloading and download the printer driver.

After you find the latest printer driver for your printer and the Windows XP platform, click Download and run the file you found.

Another way to find updated drivers is to use driver update software. Since these programs are paid, they are very useful. They scan drivers automatically and inform the user immediately if updated versions of the drivers currently in use are available.

In addition, these programs automatically download and update drivers by connecting directly to the manufacturer’s website. [WD]

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