What is Batik Fabric

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Batik is one of the legacy techniques of Indonesian ancestors. Each region in the archipelago has the uniqueness and characteristic of batik. As the next generation, we must preserve and civilize the wearing of batik clothes.

There are many models of batik modern modified by the designers in the country. With their charm, they create traditional batik with modern design which is favored by young people and adults.

Here are 31 types of new modern batik clothes model, which you can choose to go to formal events or to outfit while working:

The brightly colored batik modern batik cloth model is designed by Soemihardjo Batik. Although thick with ethnic nuances, batik design looks fresh and far from the word vintage.

Batik dress model is still a trend in the year 2017. Various color motifs can be used to make the dress, both short and long dress. Popular dress models now are dress collar shanghai and collar V combined with emboss embossed fabrics, such as pink, toska, or green. Modern design dresses can be worn for various events, both formal and nonformal.

However, to appear more feminine, a combination of new flea batik with short skirts will be very suitable to wear to a party or formal events. Generally the new flea top boss is made of cloth that matches the color with the fabric for the skirt. Complete your appearance with high-heeled sandals and a hang bag to create a charming, luxurious impression.

Pants Kulot model of batik is also becoming a trend in the year 2017. Kulot can be an alternative for you who are more comfortable to use subordinate trousers than skirts or dresses. Choose a kulot with simple motifs, such as kawung motif or machete, and neutral color. Combine with plain tops of matching colors then complete fashion stylemu wearing flat heels or slippers to beautify the appearance.

what is Batik Fabric

Differences Modern Batik Men and Women

Some types of batik have a neutral motif, for example a machete or geometric motif. However, there are certain motives that are more suitable worn by men, while other motifs are more suitable for women. Generally for men have a motive with 4-5 bright colors and lines that give the impression more firmly. While the style of modern batik women seem more soft and modern with a blend of 2-3 types of colors.

Batik became one type of clothes that seems to exist in every cabinet of Indonesian society, whether later worn during the wedding or work.


Discover the latest models of Modern Batik 2018. Made by creative local designers with unique and unusual designs. Some of the true kebaya models are just as an inspiration in taking the style that suits your slera will give you a wide discovery of the type and model of batik kebaya itself. Many models are currently hits the end of this, ranging from casual style, official with a simple concept to modern.

From the user itself can be ascertained that people who wear this type of kebaya and batik comes from all ages. Batik and kebaya children for example is a costume that gives value and color for the appearance of your baby. Then batik from the age side of teenagers, up to adults a lot of use types of batik with different patterns. If you look for what is batik fabric visit batiksoemihardjo.com.


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