There are decoration magazines and then there is real life. When we compare the two, we tend to put ourselves on the unfortunate side. Why is not my house so pretty? Why can not I find a style for my home? In short, what other people in the house do I have? In fact, your home has everything you need to be beautiful, it only knows how to sublimate it. And the good news is that it takes no more than ten minutes to convince you. The following is a proposal to convince yourself: follow the steps described below in your living room. Take photos before / after, you will be surprised.


First we reorder. Because there is life, parts and obligations, the living room is filled very quickly and accumulates objects that are often useless. This shock of infernal congestion must be resolved regularly to find some freedom in the living room. Take the example of a library: by removing the books that do not interest you, you are ventilated on the shelf, creating a brighter area. A messy room visually sends too much information. We can therefore go to the side of beautiful objects, which still deserve to be highlighted.


The following are passages that may seem to be decluttering but based on redistribution. Get a cement box from furniture like a coffee table sofa. In your living room, this table is used only occasionally but has a strong impact on the furnishings of your living room. This occupies an important space and can come from a particular direction of circulation. On the other hand, you have a bedside table that you do not really like. Why not replace the bedside table with the table? By moving your furniture, you are recreating new spaces and installing beautiful furniture that you might forget.

Add flowers and plants

And if the problem in your living room is that it has only a little life? the solution is very simple. Invest only spaces with plants and green flowers. Declutter yourself and you have a new virgin area to exploit. Obviously it is not a problem to bring back the bazaar but add a touch of color which, moreover, brings freshness and good mood. Choose your plants according to their decorative qualities, but also the ease of care and their ideal position. The garlands are also small miracles to make the work more beautiful. Put a beautiful bouquet of tulips on your table and find the immediate effect, it always works!

Replace your pillowcase

If your sofa looks gray, you might think that replacing it will be the best choice. Before arriving at this definitive action, it was possible to extend his life by investing in different pillowcases. This item that does not require much cost and can be replaced very easily can change the living room. Again, we inject some touches of color and this changes everything. Depending on your mood, we choose the cover of the message, graphic or exotic. How to escape in the field without fear of fatigue.

Get items from the closet

There are so many things in our closet that are worthy of cleaning. Among decorative candles, extra lamps, cutlery for weddings and festive tablecloths, sometimes we have real shops in our drawers. And the worst? These objects often end up being forgotten by not being in front of our eyes. Bringing your wonderful meal means making an ordinary day an extraordinary day and working well for grandma’s vases like an old jewelry box. Do not limit the use of table linen on special occasions, you have to have a party every day.

Door light (beautiful)

To embellish your home, your room must feel like it is flooded with sunlight. The simplest is to clean the windows. It looks like a stupid and clean window, so it’s better through an outdoor lamp. Then remove all the curtains and curtains that are too dark and those who do not have a call to protect you from vis-à-vis. Finally, we can also use artificial light to beautify the interior. We double the lights with lights that create a more comfortable atmosphere and choose connected lights to always have the most flattering lights.

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We study this article on the profession of interior designer, all the tips to give you a personal idea for a sweet home like you! The desire to change the interior is a very common desire when you have your home. When summer comes, you have the desire to change our habits and especially to change our habitat by doing more or less work, such as changing windows or lighting, repeating gardens, floors or expanding our homes to give it volume.

But why not repeat the decor of your living room or one of your rooms to start? If unfortunately lacks inspiration, now there are many blogs and sites specializing in interior design that speak only of this practice that attracts more and more French and especially men and not just women.

Interior decoration

The interior decoration illustrates the fact of making changes, changing small things (curtains, paintings …) or even big things (wallpaper, furniture, tiles …) throughout your domestic space. Your living room, your bedroom, your attic, all these rooms can be transformed into leather, new designs. Starting from the painting of small rooms to new ones.

The method is to make sure that your family is at home, painting the walls, changing the furniture arrangement or actually repeating the space to provide a feng shui atmosphere, such as space. Furthermore, we must not forget that decoration operations can be a limit, such as the relatively high costs when involved in heavy work. You need to find the best technique to optimize your budget and ensure that the payment process is not too painful.

Where to find inspiration?

The biggest problem in work and decoration is clear, what should be done? How to give a second young person a new perspective on your habitat? Well, on the internet it is easy to find ideas, suggestions or expert advice to provide harmony with your space. But not only because now there is a do-it-yourself method, which means Perform Alone, which makes it appear when the crisis increases. A method that aims to highlight your creative spirit, your passion is reasonable and also aims to save money.

We are not talking about the D system, but about new ways to truly understand the interior and let the imagination speak. While highlighting some styles that may be simple modern, older, more contemporary or ultra-modern.

So there are many methods with the steps to follow that you can find on special blogs, which are more often and more often, highlighting the trends of the cocoon you’ve heard. It’s about making sure you’re home so well that it’s hard to leave your inner comfort. There are also many magazines that can act as inspiration. Some even sometimes are the real Bible for their customers.

Feel free to take a look at the decoration shop, because you can find beautiful accessories that perfectly fit your project and the world of your home. It is also important to find the best material for your job site. Wood is currently the most sought after, this because the return of nature is sought after by most people who want to have a more environmentally friendly habitat through their furniture.

The harmony of colors is also important in the design of the space. This is the best way to give personality to your work. You can adjust the color and contrast with your space to bring help. Light shadows, for example, bring a real visual touch and are useful for achieving brightness.

But the most important thing is that you always have to use common sense and above all your imagination to reach the house of your dreams, which will be very much in line with your expectations. Do not hesitate to call artisans or designers, or even a home staging professional, who will use their knowledge and provide you with an effective training to beautify and harmonize your decorations.